How Much is It to Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels?

By Manchester Powder Coating

You’ve hit a curb or a pothole and your wheels are Diamond Cut and you are wondering how much is it to fix them. Or just to change the colour. With new cars regularly being released. Many car dealers are keen to bring out their best vehicles. Many feature Diamond Cut wheels. Unfortunately, some models…

5 Things you should know about Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels.

By Manchester Powder Coating

Here at Manchester Powder Coating, we like to give our customers many options when it comes to having their alloy wheels refurbished. In today’s blog, we are going to talk about Diamond-Cut alloy wheels and some benefits and negatives about them. 1: They look fantastic The number one reason people decide on diamond-cut alloy wheels…

Oxidation and kerb damage in diamond-cut wheels

By Manchester Powder Coating

A kiss of a kerb can lead to all sorts of nightmares with your newly bought ride. Chipping or scratching the alloy from getting too close to a kerb can cause penetration to the thin layer of lacquer. Once that has happened, the lacquer is compromised and moisture will begin to seep in. This starts…

Limits to Diamond-Cut Refurbishments

By Manchester Powder Coating

What are the limits when it comes to a diamond-cut wheel refurbished There is a limit to how many times a diamond cut wheel repair can be done. The amount of times that it can be done is usually 1-2 cuts. When a wheel is done more than this the wheel can become weak and…

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