What are brake callipers?

Believe it or not, not many people know what or are aware of having a brake calliper painting service. You might have noticed when looking at car wheels that there is a circular disc behind the wheel. On that metal disc, there is a metal component or clamp-looking object covering part of it. Brake callipers are a housing unit that holds the brake pads in place against the brake disc. When the brake pedal is pressed a piston pushes the brake pads which are held in the calliper unit against a brake disc.

Ferrari Wheel - Manchester Powder Coating Wheel & Rim Repair Service
Close-up of a Ferrari wheel showing the yellow calliper of the brake disc.

How do brake callipers work?

This clamp-looking device is called the calliper. The calliper holds the brake pads that help stop the brake discs from rotating. Which in turn slows the vehicle or stops it completely. A calliper is part of the disc brake system and its job is to hold the brake pads and assist in slowing the vehicle down. Many of these come from the factory without paint on them.

What makes the callipers look worn out and rusty?

The callipers are also known as the brake housing unit which holds the brake pads and pistons. Every time the brakes are used while the vehicle is in motion the pads rub against the brake discs causing brake dust to be released. This spreads over the callipers and alloy wheels causing corrosion. The corrosion on the callipers can lead to rust forming and any paint on the callipers corrode and the paint to flake off over time.

Jaguar Gloss Red Callipers for refurbishment

Brake calliper painting service

For those looking for “service near me,” we are based in Trafford Park and can offer a brake calliper refurb service. Getting your callipers painted is super easy. With our free quote form below all you have to do is select the relative service.

Brake calliper paint colours

Choose which colour you would like to have your callipers refurbished too. For example, you could have the standard Red, Green, and Blue, or go for Pistachio Green, Shocking Pink, Yellow, plus more. Personalize your car and add a bit of colour. Adding a lick of paint on those calliper refurbishments can give the wheel that extra bit of pop. Seeing the colour contrast between the wheels and the callipers doesn’t just make the vehicle stand out in the crowd. They also help add some value to your vehicle.

What colours can I have on my callipers?

We have a selection of standard colours such as red, green, blue, yellow, and black. For specific colours, we can always order them, and our sales team will be happy to chat about colour options with you. New paint on those callipers will help to give them a fresh look and update the aesthetics.

Why bother with painting callipers?

Old, flaking callipers can look a bit messy if you’ve gone to the trouble of having your wheels refurbished or any other customisation to your car.

If you’re in for wheel refurbishment, why not pull the look together with calliper painting at the same time? We can paint your callipers to blend in with the wheel or stand out as an extra detail! Additionally, if you have any coloured stripes or trim on the car, we can match that as well! 

Please be aware that if we paint your callipers, your total workshop time will get a little bit longer, as it includes the drying time for your callipers. However, that might not change too much, depending on your specific package. You can speak to our customer service team for more information about timings and options.

If you’d like to get more information about calliper painting, give our sales team a call or email them. You can find the details on our contact us page.

Alternatively, you can come down to our Trafford Park workshop to talk to a member of the sales team in person.

Audi Q5 Red Calliper before picture Audi Q5 Calliper covered in protective paper and a base coat of grey applied.

Will calliper paint ruin the decals?

We can’t paint over or around any decals on your callipers, but that’s a good thing! When we paint, the job looks much better on totally clean callipers. 

However – that doesn’t mean you have to go without any! We will, of course, refit new calliper decals on top of the fresh coat of paint, which looks much better! We need to order the replacement decals, so we need a little notice to make sure they’re here in time.

Please be aware, that there is a small additional charge for this, and it does extend the length of the job – since we can’t stick anything on wet paint! 

Speak to our sales team about your options before you book in – they can discuss everything with you and answer any questions. 

Audi Q5 Calliper covered in protective paper and a top coat of red applied. Audi Q5 Calliper with a top coat of red applied.
motorbike callipers powder coated in red

How long does it take?

The process can be done within 1 day however if you have any other services it can push the process up to 2-3 depending on any additional work. For example, if you are having your wheel diamond cut and having extra having other bits like window tinting or vehicle signage with our sister company Auto Wrap Manchester, then the time it takes to complete the work and have it ready for collection can add additional labour time to the job. None of this is a problem as we are happy to do any extra customisations to your vehicle.

Image shows Porsche brake callipers painted in red and with the brands decal stuck on.

How do you paint the brake callipers?

Our process involves:

  • Putting the vehicle on axel stands
  • Removal of wheels
  • Brush, clean, and prepare callipers
  • Cover brake discs and wheel arches with protective covers
  • Apply base coat
  • Apply top coat
  • Apply a clear lacquer
  • Allow for drying
  • Removal of all the covers from the brake discs and remove protective covers from wheel arches
  • Put wheels back on to the vehicle
  • Lower vehicle off axel stands
Image shows a finished brake callipers painted in blue

Our Consultation Process

We offer a free consultation for you and your vehicle. We understand that not everyone can make it to our location for a consultation. Where possible we can get asses and provide quotes over the phone and via email. Will might need you to send us photos of the condition and size of the callipers for an accurate quote.

Our Caliper Painting Process

Our process for painting always involves cleaning the callipers first. This can be done through a mixture of techniques. Depending on the age and quality of the callipers will depend on how much needs doing. In some cases, a simple sanding and airblast to remove loose rust will do. It will need a wire brush or a grinder for more extreme and rust-covered callipers. With any of our car care services, there are ultimately limitations. In many cases, it is on how much rust and corrosion can be removed depending on the condition of the item.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Calliper Painting?

This table shows an example of how much our standard colour range is. The standard colours are: black, blue, white, red, and yellow.

£240 ex VAT£300 inc VAT

This table shows an example of how much our none standard colours our. Example colours are Pistachio Green, Shocking Pink, Acid Green, etc

£280 ex VAT£350 inc VAT

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