Wheel Refurbishment in Manchester

When it comes to alloy wheel refurbishment in Manchester, try powder coating. Powder coating works best for minor scuffs, scratches, flaking paint or even a total colour change.

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To complete this service, we will need your car – or just the wheels – for one working day to get you that factory finish. Sometimes it’ll be a little longer if you book any additional services. Our booking staff will inform you of the time.

This is because we follow a five-step process, which we’ve outlined for you below.


First, your wheels are removed from your vehicle. Then, we remove the tyres, so we have access to the metal.

Next, we put the wheels in our acid tank. This strips all the old paint, lacquer or dirt from your alloys. They stay in here until they’re ready for the next stage…

To prep, we rinse off all the acid and sandblast the wheels to remove any traces of corrosion or minor scuffs. Before anything else, we quality check to ensure they’re ready to go in the oven and completely gas out. This ensures that during the curing process, there will be no holes in the powder coating.

Then, we powder-coat them in your chosen colour. If the product is a gloss finish, we provide a final clear lacquer protective coat. This gives that ultra-shine finish.

Finally, once the alloys have cooled down, we refit and balance the tyres, and fit them back into your vehicle. We do all this with the utmost care and torque the wheels up to the correct setting.

While this is being done, you can book in for any vehicle wrapping, or window tinting with our sister company Auto Wrap Manchester.

For more information, please speak to our customer service team.

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Alloy Wheel with Scruff Marks Awaiting Refurbishment

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