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Hitting a pothole can be a driver’s nightmare. Especially with most modern car wheels that are lighter and more aesthetically pleasing than the ones made of steel in the past.

Most modern car wheels are made of aluminium or magnesium alloy. This means they are prone to deterioration even denting, cracking, and buckling and need to be looked after.

Buckled alloy wheels are a safety hazard and in some cases, they can be fixed. Ignoring this could lead to costly buckled wheel repair costs, being off the road, having to cancel plans, delays, and unwanted stress. It can result in a tyre blowout at high speed causing a potentially dangerous traffic situation.

What are the signs of a buckled wheel?

Here are some buckled wheel symptoms that we have put together to help you identify any issues that you might come across.

  • The tyre wear is uneven
  • The tracking feels like it is out
  • The driving wheel starts vibrating when you exceed a certain speed
  • The tyre fitter cannot balance the wheel
  • Losing air pressure (like a slow puncture)
  • Bumps in the tyres, bulges and swells in your alloy or magnesium wheels
  • Driving on an alloy that isn’t straightened may damage your suspension system.

If you are experiencing any of these then it is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from either a crack or buckle.

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How We Repair a Buckled Alloy Wheel

You might be curious to know how to fix a buckled wheel and what the process is. We use a purpose-built straightening machine to fix buckled rims, the whole process of buckled car wheel repair works like this:

  • We remove the tyre 
  • Check for cracks and buckles
  • Measure the wheel to mark uneven areas
  • Heat the area of the wheel that needs fixing
  • Once the area is at a high temperature and the metal has been softened we can begin straightening
  • A hydraulic press is used to fix uneven points
  • Once straightened we can fit the tyre and balance it

Repairing buckled alloy wheels can be completed the same day in most cases, this all depends on the level of damage and if any other services are needed. These alloy wheel repairs could include a wheel wield but we will only properly know after doing an inspection. 

Once taken care of you’ll be back on the road safely and in no time!

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