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Alloy Wheel Repair Service

Revitalise Your Ride with Our Premium Wheel Refurbishment Services in Manchester

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Andy SilvesterAndy Silvester
13:24 16 Dec 22
These guys really worked hard in the cold weather to get my brake callipers looking goodin bright red. I also had my factory VW alloy wheels powder-coated by them about 9 months prior. Again, a quality job and I would recommend the Manchester Powder Coating team's services to car aesthetic enthusiasts without hesitation.
Nathan MathersNathan Mathers
11:54 16 Dec 22
Had my wheels refurbed here twice now on both my old car and my new car. Both times service was excellent and work was completed quickly to a high standard. Also a big plus this place offers finance over a 3-12 month period unlike most other places was a big help to me. Highly recommend these guys.
Duncan GreenDuncan Green
10:39 16 Dec 22
Fantastic Job by the guys at MPC. High Quality finish and my truck looks amazing now.I’d also bought a full set of new mud tyres for my truck and they fitted them free of charge, which was a bonus.Would definitely recommend. In fact…..my business partner is booked in next week.
Bill YarkerBill Yarker
08:30 05 Nov 22
Needed my badly beaten up Mercedes alloys sorting out. They were gouged and scuffed on the rims and had starting corroding in the centres and on the tyre seat. One wouldn't even hold its pressure they were so bad.After 2 days at MPC for a full refurbish they came back looking like new. The workmanship and quality of finish was superb. Add to this the fact they collected and returned the car to my home address bang on time and it adds up to a fantastic service. All at a very reasonable price. I cannot recommend MPC enough. Thanks lads.
Aiden BellAiden Bell
15:12 21 May 21
These guys powder coated my tired looking alloys. They turned the job around quickly, at top quality and a great price. If you need some wheel refurbishment doing, I can highly recommend them. The finish on my satin black wheels is perfect. Thank you!

Why Choose Our Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Service?

Extended Wheel Lifespan:

Your vehicle deserves wheels that are not only visually pleasing but also resilient and durable. Our comprehensive refurbishment process fortifies the integrity of your wheels, providing an extra layer of defence against daily wear and tear.
This process not only revamps the appearance of your wheels but also effectively extends their lifespan. You will enjoy a smoother drive and increased longevity from your refurbished alloys.

Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount, and our refurbishment service is designed with this at the core. By meticulously removing traces of corrosion or minor scuffs, we enhance the safety of your vehicle.
Our refurbishment service ensures a smoother and more reliable ride, providing peace of mind while you’re on the road.

Economic Solution

Investing in your vehicle should not come with financial strain. Refurbishing your wheels is a cost-effective solution that breathes new life into your wheels without the expense of complete wheel replacement.
It’s a smart, economical way to maintain the look and integrity of your wheels.

Customized Look

Just as every driver is unique, so should their wheels. We offer extensive powder coating colours, ranging from sophisticated Metallic Anthracite to gleaming Brilliant Silver, among many others.
This spectrum of options allows you to infuse your personal style into your vehicle, ensuring that it’s an authentic reflection of you.
gun metal alloy wheels
gloss black alloy wheels

MPC are alloy wheel and diamond cut specialists

How we repair damaged alloy wheels

Our unrivalled five-step refurbishment process is the cornerstone of our quality assurance. We begin with carefully removing your wheels and tyres, allowing for complete access to the metalwork.
Next, we immerse the wheels in our proprietary acid tank to completely strip off all the old paint, lacquer, or dirt. We follow this with a thorough sandblasting to remove any remaining traces of corrosion or minor scuffs. This intensive process ensures your wheels are in optimal condition to accept the new powder coating layer.
Once this preparation phase is completed, your wheels are subjected to a rigorous quality check before entering the oven’s curing process. This crucial step guarantees a flawless finish, leaving no room for inconsistencies or imperfections.
Finally, your chosen colour is powder-coated onto the wheels, followed by a clear lacquer protective coat for gloss finishes. This step brings an ultra-shiny, sleek finish, ensuring your wheels look as good as new, if not better!

Alloy Wheel Repair Costs

Finally, your chosen colour is powder-coated onto the wheels, followed by a clear lacquer protective coat for gloss finishes. This step brings an ultra-shiny, sleek finish, ensuring your wheels look as good as new, if not better!
Our pricing begins at just £60+VAT for wheels up to 17″. Special colours and finishes are available for a modest surcharge for those wishing to customise their wheels further.
Wheel Size
Off Car No Tyre
Off Car With Tyre
On Car
Upto 17″
£90+vat (£108)
£95+vat (£114)
£100+vat (£120)
18″ & 19″
£95+vat (£114)
£100+vat (£120)
£105+vat (£126)
£100+vat (£120)
£105+vat (£126)
£110+vat (£132)
£105+vat (£126)
£110+vat (£132)
£115+vat (£115)
£110+vat (£132)
£115+vat (£138)
£120+vat (£144)
*Prices shown are per wheel
*Special colours on a full set of powder-coating wheels are an extra £55+VAT on top of the final cost.

Types of Alloy Wheel Damage

Kerb damage

Kerb damage is a common type of damage that affects alloy wheels, especially on vehicles with low ground clearance. It typically occurs when the wheel comes into contact with a kerb or other raised surface, which can result in scuffs, scratches and even gouges.

Pothole damage

Pothole damage is a common problem for drivers when it comes to their alloy wheels. As potholes tend to be filled with sharp stones and gravel, the force of hitting them can cause the wheel to become deformed or even cracked. 


Stonechips are often the most common form of damage that can occur on an alloy wheel. These are small, sharp chips which appear when stones or pebbles are thrown up against the wheel due to driving.

Transform Your Vehicle with Our Additional Services

Our services continue beyond wheel refurbishment. In partnership with our sister company, Auto Wrap Manchester, we extend our expertise to vehicle wrapping and window tinting services. We’re here to ensure your vehicle’s makeover is as comprehensive and unique as you desire!

Consult Our Customer Service Team for an Outstanding Experience

Your journey to rejuvenated wheels begins with a simple step. Reach out to our dedicated customer service team today. Our experts are here to guide you through the process, answer any queries, and offer a free quote on our high-quality alloy wheel refurbishment services.
Elevate your ride’s performance and aesthetics with us. After all, you and your vehicle deserve nothing but the best!
chrome wheels

How long does it take to repair alloy wheels?

The amount of time it takes to repair alloy wheels depends on the severity of the damage. Minor damage, such as chips or scratches, can usually be fixed in an hour or two. More severe damage, such as pitting, corrosion, and bent rims may take several hours depending on the extent of the problem.  
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