Manchester Powder Coating now offer diamond-cut wheels alongside alloy wheel refurbishment services!

Whether you’ve kerbed your pre-faced wheels, or you want to have the facing refinished, we’ve got your back.

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Diamond Cut Wheels

What are diamond cut wheels?

Diamond cut wheels are refurbished alloys with a shiny aluminium flat facing. 

First, the wheels are fully refurbished and powder coated according to our usual process. Next, we put the wheel into a specific machine, which measures and reads the wheel using lasers. The laser calibrates the size and dimensions of the wheel into the machine – it also takes a map of the flat facing.

Using tiny increments, the lathe shaves the face of the wheel into a high-shine flat surface. 

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Why are they called that?

While it looks like they might be called diamond cut because of the multi-faceted face – like you might see on a diamond ring – it’s actually much simpler than that.

The lathe cuts the metal away using a nib made of diamond.

Diamond achieves the exact cut that this style of wheel demands.

MPC Diamond Cut Wheels in Manchester

Can I have my wheels diamond cut?

Nowadays, lots of wheels are able to have the aluminium facing style. Usually, the car will come with diamond cut wheels already if the wheels are appropriately shaped. 

However, if you didn’t buy your car from new, then the alloys might’ve been refurbished or powder-coated already and you might not be able to tell they were previously diamond cut.

In order to be re-finished with this style, the wheels must have a flat angle on the facing.

If you’re uncertain your wheels are appropriate for diamond cutting, then bring them down to our workshop in Trafford Park

Our team can look at your wheels and advise the best course of action in person.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team! You can find all the contact details for our workshop HERE.

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