Mercedes in Ferric Grey before Diamond-Cut Mercedes in Ferric Grey after Diamond-Cut

What are diamond-cut alloy wheels?

Diamond cut wheels are alloys with a shiny aluminium flat facing.  They have been put on a lathe with a small part of the alloy machined off with a CNC machine. They are either painted in one colour or thanks to being put through a CNC machine can have a two-tone look, this two-tone effect will have been lacquered to prevent corrosion of the wheel.

Why is a diamond-cut alloy wheel called that?

While it looks like they might be called diamond cut because of the multi-faceted face – as you might see on a diamond ring – it’s actually much simpler than that.

If you want your painted alloy wheels to be done in a two-tone finish then this is a great option for you. The reason the wheels are called diamond-cut alloys is because of the diamond tip-cutting process used to give the wheel, its finish leaving an aesthetically pleasing and unique style of look. The lathe cuts the metal away using a nib made of diamond.

The Diamond-cut service achieves the exact cut that this style of wheel demands. The wheel can have either a two-tone colour effect or a singular powder coating colour scheme.

Gloss black alloy wheels before being diamond-cut Gloss black diamond-cut alloy wheels with a two tone effect

How do to repair a diamond-cut wheel?

First, the wheels are fully refurbished and powder coated according to our usual process. Next, we put the wheel into a specific machine, which measures and reads the wheel using lasers. The laser calibrates the size and dimensions of the wheel into the machine – it also takes a map of the flat facing. The lathe shaves the face of the wheel into a high-shine flat surface. Thus resulting in an alloy wheel diamond-cut refurbishment making your wheels look like they are fresh out of the factory.

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How do I know if I can have my wheels diamond cut?

Nowadays, lots of wheels are able to have the aluminium-facing style. Usually, the car will come with diamond-cut wheels if the wheels are appropriately shaped. 

However, if you didn’t buy your car from new, then the alloys might’ve been refurbished or powder-coated already and you might not be able to tell they were previously diamond cut.

In order to be re-finished with this style, the wheels must have a flat angle on the facing.

If you’re uncertain your wheels are appropriate for diamond cutting, then bring them down to our workshop in Trafford Park

Our team can look at your wheels and advise the best course of action in person. If you’re not sure what they entail, or you just have some questions and answers with more information.

If you have any questions, get in touch with our team! You can find all the contact details for our workshop.

MPC Diamond Cut Wheels in Manchester

What are the limits when it comes to a diamond-cut wheel refurbished

There is a limit to how many times a diamond cut wheel repair can be done. When it is done too much and too many times this can make the wheel become weak and compromised. Resulting in a dangerous road vehicle that could lead to an accident.

Each wheel is assessed individually by a technician. If the technician feels that the wheel will be compromised in any way and weakened they will not cut the wheel. Our technician or sales team will advise the customer on whether the wheels are eligible for a recut or refurbishment.

It is important to inform the technician if you know if your wheel has been cut before.

How do we it


The first stage of the process is started by removing the tyre from the wheel.


Your wheel is then placed into a stripping tank to remove all the current paint or powder coat from the surface. This ensures a completely uncontaminated wheel

Image of an alloy wheel after it has been stripped of paint.


Now the wheel is clean of any contaminants, we can repair any curb damage or abrasions to ensure the finished wheel is fully refurbished. It is then shot blasted, allowing the powder to gain a better grasp of the surface. This will provide durability.


We go through the process of primer, colour and lacquer. Each stage is followed by a time in our state-of-the-art oven to bake the powder to the wheel.


We now allow the finished wheel to slowly cool down and take this time to quality control both the face and barrel to ensure entirely even coverage.

A handful of wheels refurbished in "brilliant silver". They are hanging from the ceiling in a powder coating booth with a sign for manchester powder coating behind them.


The finished wheel can now be carefully refitted with a new valve and reunited with its tyre. Then it is balanced with either black or silver weights, depending on the wheel colour.


The completed wheels are now refitted to your car, cleaned and tyre shined.


Finally, the wheels are torqued up and cross-checked ready for collection. JOB DONE!

How Much Does It Cost For A Single Diamond-Cut Wheels Refurbishment

UPTO 17″£90+VAT (£108)£95+VAT (£114)£100+VAT (£120)
18″ & 19″£95+VAT (£114)£100+VAT (£120)£105+VAT (£126)
20″£100+VAT (£120)£105+VAT (£126)£110+VAT (£132)
21″£105+VAT (£126)£110+VAT (£132)£115+VAT (£115)
22″£110+VAT (£132)£115+VAT (£138)£120+VAT (£144)
*Prices shown are for a single alloy wheel for diamond-cut service
*Special colours on a full set of powder-coating wheels are an extra
£55+VAT on top of the final cost

How Much Does It Cost For A Set Of Diamond-Cut Wheels Refurbishment

UPTO 17″£360 + VAT (£432)£380 + VAT (£456)£400 + VAT (£480)
18″ & 19″£380 + VAT (£456)£400 + VAT (£480)£420 + VAT (£504)
20″£400 + VAT (£480)£420 + VAT (£504)£440 + VAT (£528)
21″£420 + VAT (£504)£440 + VAT (£528)£460 + VAT (£552)
22″£440 + VAT (£528)£460 + VAT (£552)£480 + VAT (£576)
*Prices shown are for a set of 4 alloy wheels for diamond-cut service
*Special colours on a full set of powder-coating wheels are an extra
£55+VAT on top of the final cost

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