Who are we?

Manchester Powder Coating (MPC) are an alloy wheel refurbishment service based in Trafford Park, Manchester. We have more than 10 years of experience in the automotive industry.

We offer:

Powder Coating Manchester and wheel refurbishment
Our directors, Andy and Adam, with a show car they wrapped for Dub Fiction.

Manchester Powder Coating’s Origins

MPC is Adam and Andy’s second business together — the sister company of Auto Wrap Manchester, which opened in 2014 in Trafford Park, providing vehicle wrapping, window tinting and other customisation services. 

After many years in the industry and a few years running their own business, Adam and Andy wanted to expand into other areas of car customisation.

So many of our customers — and our staff! — wanted alloy wheel refurbishment services that were high quality, convenient and quick. Customers also wanted the convenience of having their wheels done while they were in for a wrap. 

Manchester Powder Coating is in the next unit to Auto Wrap Manchester. This means we can perform services across both businesses at no inconvenience to our customers.

a McLaren wheel, refurbished to gloss black. It is a close up view of the wheel, with some of the white car visible either side.

What’s happening next?

In the next few months, Manchester Powder Coating is expanding!

We’ll soon be able to offer in-house Diamond-Cut fronting, wheel welding and repair, and wheel straightening. We do currently offer these services, but we have to outsource parts of the process. At the moment, we also need to book Diamond-Cut wheels two weeks in advance, which is inconvenient for many customers. This is another thing that will soon be changing!

We’ll also be able to do more sets every day, giving us more space for bookings! 

Keep watching the website and our social media for more information about when we’ll be able to provide these services.

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