Wheel refurbishment is something that everyone needs at some point, but it can be quite confusing! These are the questions we get asked most often about the process and powder coating. If there’s anything we didn’t answer, you can speak to our customer service team.

Aston Martin in Matte Green Vinyl and with Gloss Black Alloys

Can you powder coat X item?

We can powder coat any metal item that will fit in our oven — 2m x 2m. We’ve done car parts, bicycle frames, tow bars and even kitchen metalware! If you have any concerns about your item, our customer service team will be able to advise you.

Can you powder-coat my wheels in red/blue/gold/etc?

We have a huge range of colours and finishes available for wheels, so the chances are: yes! We have a smaller range of ‘standard’ colours that are always in stock as they’re the most popular. If you’d like a more unusual colour, speak to our customer service team before you book in to assure we can order your colour in time.

Is it the same as painting?

Powder-coating is not the same as painting, and for wheels, it offers more protection. We cure the powder in the oven to give a finish that’s very similar to paint, but without any brushstrokes.

How long will it take?

The process generally takes two days — so if you bring us your wheels at 9 am on a Monday, they’ll usually be ready to collect by 5 pm on Tuesday. This time does differ on occasion, especially if you’re having two-tone wheels. When you book in, our team will be able to give you an accurate time frame based on the work you’re booked in for.

Can I get my wheels done at the same time as my wrap?

If you’re booked in with our sister company Auto Wrap Manchester, we can do your alloy wheel refurbishment while you’re already in for your wrap! This means you’re not without your car for longer. If you’d like to book for both, let our customer service team at Auto Wrap Manchester know, and they can arrange it for you.

BMW M3 in Arlon Gloss Grey with gloss black alloy wheels.
BMW M3 with Arlon Gloss Grey and Gloss Black Alloy Wheels

Can you take the old paint off?

Yes! The old paint or coating that’s on your wheels will all come off. The wheels are placed in an acid tank for a few hours to strip rust, dirt and old coating layers. When they’re re-coloured, there is nothing left on the wheel.

Steel wheel covered in rust awaiting to be refurbished and powder coated The steel wheel has been refurbished and powder coated in brilliant silver colour.

Steel Wheel in Brilliant Silver

Here is a before and after image of a steel wheel that has been brought to us for a standard powder coating service. The wheel was acid-stripped and powder coated in brilliant silver. Feel free to use the slider to see the before and after by moving it left and right across the image.

How does it work?

You can read about our process on our alloy wheel powder coating page. This page will help take you through the processes we use when doing a standard wheel powder coating service.

Do you wheel balance my wheels?

Yes! We remove the wheels and tyres from the vehicle in preparation for refurbishment and then re-fit the tyres afterwards. When the wheels go back on the car they are appropriately balanced by our experienced staff.

Diamond-cut wheels being wheel balanced

Do you powder-coat the full wheel?

Some companies do prefer to just powder-coat the face of the wheel. At Manchester Powder Coating, we prep and powder-coat the full alloy, front and back.

Gun metal powder-coated alloy wheels on a VW camper van
Gun metal powder-coated alloy wheels on a VW camper van

Does it fix my kerb damage?

Yes, we fix your kerb damage! We fully sand and prep your alloy wheels and then treat them in our sand-blaster to ensure they are returned looking brand new. The wheel refurbishment process also gets rid of any other scuffs, nicks or rusting.

Kerb damage on an alloy wheel that is being refurbished at Manchester Powder Coating
Kerb damage on an alloy wheel that is being refurbished at Manchester Powder Coating

Will it affect my TPMS sensors?

We remove TPMS sensors from the wheels very carefully before they are prepped. Unfortunately, the sensors are extremely delicate and on occasion, they do break. This is usually because the sensors have corroded over time. When this happens, we replace the sensors, but this does come as an extra cost to the customer, as we cannot guarantee safety. 

Do I need new tyres?

Our full alloy wheel refurbishment service includes a free tyre check. A member of our team will inform you if you need new tyres on any of your wheels. You can bring these to us so we can fit them to your finished wheels during your appointment, or you can order new tyres through us at a great rate.

Ford Focus RS Gloss Black Wheels at Manchester Powder Coating

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The size of a tyre is printed onto the side of the tyre – on the area known as the sidewall. When looking for the size, you will see that it is made up of a series of numbers and letters. For example, a tyre with the code 205 / 55 R16 79T would have a tyre width of 205 millimetres, a sidewall height of 55% of the width, a 16-inch inner rim size and a speed rating of T.
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