Diamond Cut Wheels: FAQ

By Manchester Powdercoating

You might’ve heard a lot about diamond-cut wheels recently – they’re very popular with many manufacturers and customers right now.  If you’re not sure what they entail, or you just have some questions, read on for more information.  If there’s anything we haven’t answered in this article, give us a call on 0161 641 3117…

Kerbed Alloys: Can I fix damaged wheels?

By Manchester Powdercoating

Kerbed alloys are one of the biggest annoyances for any driver – they’re an eyesore and a pain to fix, and who has the time to hand over their car for a week to fix them? We get so many calls every week about kerbed alloys, and most of the time the customer asks the…

Powder Coating vs Spray Painting: Which is better?

By Manchester Powdercoating

When we were setting up our business, we chose to focus on powder coating. There were lots of reasons we did this, instead of adding spray painting facilities. Powder coating is more reliable, has better longevity and has the added bonus of looking a whole lot better on average than spray painting does. For your…

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment: What does it mean?

By Manchester Powdercoating

Every driver knows that no matter how careful you are, you’re likely to scuff your alloys. You could kerb your wheels, or get into a bump, or even scrape them up with debris. It happens to everyone. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that: alloy wheel refurbishment. This gets your wheels looking fresh and brand new…

Powder Coating Introduction

By Manchester Powdercoating

Changes are happening over here at Manchester Powder Coating HQ. For one, we’re moving! Just to next door, but it’s a big step for us. We’ll be able to have all our services in one, much bigger space. That means more capacity, more ability and a lot more work. This expansion means that our powder-coating…

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