Our directors, Andy and Adam, with a show car they wrapped for Dub Fiction.

Changes are happening over here at Manchester Powder Coating HQ.

For one, we’re moving! Just to next door, but it’s a big step for us. We’ll be able to have all our services in one, much bigger space. That means more capacity, more ability and a lot more work.

This expansion means that our powder-coating service will now be on-site, and that’s what we’re most excited about!

We’re also right in the same unit as our sister company Auto Wrap Manchester, which means all your customisation can happen in the same place!

What difference does being in one site make?

Well, mostly, it means that our service capacity has gone WAY up. We’re able to do more sets of wheels each day and provide a quicker service for wheel refurbishment.

It also means an expansion in the kind of service we offer. Now, we’re able to powder-coat other metal objects; bike frames, radiators and handles. That means that when you’re redecorating, you can make your metal match your colour scheme – much better!

Our workshop has a 2m x 2m oven – so as long as it fits in that, we can do it! However, if you’re unsure of the suitability of powder-coating, just give our customer service team a ring. They’re always happy to help!

How does powder-coating work?

Well, whether it’s your wheels or a radiator, not much changes. If it’s your wheels, we’ll first remove the tyre before beginning the rest of the process.

First, the metal is dipped in an acid tank to clear dirt or impurities. Then it’s sandblasted to remove general wear and tear and minor corrosion. Finally, the metal is powder-coated in your chosen colour and given a clear, protective lacquer if you asked for a gloss finish.

You can read about the process in greater detail here, but that’s the crux of our process.

Now, if you brought your item in at 9 am, it would be ready to pick up at the end of the day, so it’s nice and convenient, too!

Keep your eye on our blog and social media to hear more about us and our deals – you never know what we’ll offer up!

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